About us

The beginning

Soldati's cold meats and salami were born in the 30s in the family farm located in the countryside of Castiglione delle Stiviere, northern Italy.

There, Mario, the founder of the activity, learnt the secrets of the pork slaughtering, the production and the seasoning of the salami from his father and from the best-known pork-butchers of the region.

In the 70's he gave body to his passion by opening a small workshop : Salumi Soldati. In the same time, his experience took shape in the preparation of pork-based dishes like Risotto alla Pilota (typical dish of Mantua) and Charcoal-Spitted Pork Meat (typical dish of Brescia).

Young people often put an end to many tradition, which elderly people try to keep alive. But tradition has a lot of positive meanings : the tie with our progenitors, the wisdom of old men, the need to hand down a culteral heritage and sincere values.

This is the aim of Paolo and Davide Soldati, who inherited all the experience of their father Mario, keeping the same old recipes and coupling the processing of the meat with the modern technologies, which allowed them to get high level products, without adulteration or preservatives.

The business

SALUMI SOLDATI is located in the towns of Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua), south Garda lake in the north of Italy.

The main activity is the production of pork cold meats, fresh - such as sausages or the "cotechino" (big sausage to cook) - and seasoned - such as all the sliced cold meats or the salami.

Meat processing

Still today the activity is craftmade, to grant the use of natural products, therefore it is completely hand-made : from the dissection of the pork portions to the stringing of the finished products.


Every week we produce many types of fresh sausages and salami, every of them stuffed only into natural casings and sesoned in fresh cellars with steady temperature and humidity, without forcing of the ageing. All the products are gluten-free.


We sell wholesale.